We deal with the surveying of all types of complex rooms and large-scale objects such as residential and commercial buildings, factories, indoor environments and facilities. EXACT relies on advanced 3D laser scanning technologies to collect data quickly and accurately, paying attention to every detail. The result of our surveying is a set of valuable measurement data that can be used to obtain derivatives for various purposes. We present and deliver this data in the form of 3D models, 2D drawings or views/sections, according to your exact requirements.

BIM - Building Information Modelling

We provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) data to support you in making smart decisions about your buildings. EXACT uses 3D laser scanning technology to create accurate digital models that help your architects, engineers and designers visualize form and function so they can estimate costs and proactively make necessary changes. Make smart decisions early in the process to avoid costly mistakes and ensure a well-built, profitable and energy-efficient building.

Implementation documentation

Design, reconstruction and other construction and administrative projects require accurate, complete and timely documentation for later operation and maintenance. EXACT creates CAD inventory drawings of your buildings to document the dimensions and location of all system parts. We follow your needs and requirements in terms of documentation. Inventory drawings can be created after complete surveying or after partial surveying if you just want to supplement your existing drawings.

One-Button Scanning – OBS

EXACT's one-touch scanning solution (One-Button Scanning or OBS) enables extremely fast and accurate 3D data collection and point cloud post-processing at the push of a button. Ideal for open pit mining and other earthmoving projects, OBS can be used to safely and efficiently collect 3D survey data on any structure or structure. Rapid point cloud post-processing focuses on data registration, digital terrain model generation, volume calculations and 3D project geometry/conformity checking. The use of OBS requires no training and can be implemented directly on site.

EXACT Street

EXACT Street is the only surveying technology in its class that ensures road measurement from reference points with an accuracy of 2 mm, which is why this technology is indispensable in modern road construction and repair. Make future road planning and repair easier with accurate and comprehensive data and detailed drawings. Whether it's intercity roads, streets or highways - with EXACT Street you can save both time and money.

With the help of EXACT Street, you can make significant savings in the construction of new roads, extend the intervals of repair work and keep road closures to a minimum. Successful road construction projects rely on EXACT Street technology throughout the project and base it on 3D models. A 3D road project optimized using EXACT Street helps to visualize road IRI parameters, road surface slopes and longitudinal and transverse roughness.

Stop-and-Go 3D laser scanning

With a surveying truck equipped with an EXACT 3D laser scanner, our employees can survey the ground quickly and collect accurate spatial data. The Surveyor is particularly useful for creating topographic plans, 3D visualization and digital terrain models (DTM). We can measure areas of up to a million square meters per day and measure even the smallest detail with the highest accuracy, based on the latest 3D laser scanning technology.

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